Mississippi Carjackers Fatally Shot 6-Year-Old

A six-year-old boy was kidnapped while sitting in his mother's car and was found shot in the head hours later.

Ebony Archie had made a quick stop inside a Jackson, Mississippi grocery store leaving her car running and the doors unlocked.

Her young son, Kingston Frazier had asked to stay in the car as she went to grab medicine in the store.

When she came back outside, her son and her car were gone.

Security footage from the store shows two men in a Honda Civic pulling next to Archie's parked Toyota Camry after she left.

The passenger got into her car and sped off with the Civic.

After a nine hour search, police found the stolen vehicle abandoned on a dead end road, with Kingston in the back seat dead.

Later police arrested three teens and have capital murder charges pending.

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