Hack in a Dumpster - The UC stooges who praised Janet Napolitano

(Regent Sherry Lansing with Janet Napolitano)

Last week we threw UC President Janet Napolitano in the dumpster for interfering with an audit and keeping a secret $175 million fund.

But did the UC regents scold her or demand accountability? Nope. Instead they praised her and blamed the "salacious" media for the coverage of the audit.

Regent Bonnie Reiss said:

“Seeing how some in the press have characterized it as a slush fund or a secret fund hurt my heart."

Regent Norm Pattiz added:

“I was delighted when I found out we had a chance to have Janet Napolitano as our president. I’m still delighted."

Regent Sherry Lansing said she wanted to clear up "distortions" that Napolitano had done anything wrong, and Auditor Elaine Howle said:

“This is not an audit of the president. This is an audit of a process. The Office of the President is not doing a good job.”

So the President can't be held accountable for her own office? What kind of crap is that?! How can these people turn a blind eye to Napolitano's blatant corruption? Enough already, they're all going in the dumpster!

And because today's such a big load, we've brought in the bodyguards of the Turkish President to help us out. They're tough, they don't mess around.

Svetlana, Ukrainians, Serbians, Polish immigrants, and Turkish bodyguards, hoist each one of them up, spin them around, and give 'em a good toss!

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