Gary's Style Corner: Underbutt and the RompHim

Gone are the days of the sideboob.  Not to say it is completely gone and that all women are going to start covering them completely (sorry, dads...), but the sideboob is no longer the hottest fashion trend.

Now are the days of the underbutt.

The new hot fashion trend is allowing the bottom couple inches of your butt hang out below your shorts, skirt, or romper (which we'll cover more here in a bit...).  

Michelle Dalton Tyree is the founder of the website Fashion Trends Daily.  She has noticed that fashion trends regarding skin exposure constantly seems to be shifting.

“I remember when you couldn’t turn around without seeing all these thongs and the top half of someone’s butt exposed.  Now it’s the lower half. The booty pendulum swings every decade,” she said.

She added, “The booty beauty standard has definitely changed over the decades.  There’s no question that ample derrieres are definitely having a moment.”

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

Now for the RompHim.  No, silly.  Not a romper, those are for girls.  We're talking about the RompHim.  Rompers for men (also...sorry, dads...).

The latest fashion trend for men is simply that, a romper designed and made for males.  

RompHim is actually a company that is attempting to get things going on KickStarter.  At this point, they have raised over $300,000 dollars and a whole lot of attention on Twitter. 

But, if RompHim gets tired of the haters, they just have to refer back to one amazing man.  Bond, James Bond.  The man that showed the world that rompers can be for anyone.

Read the full story at Cosmopolitan

What do you think?

Sideboob?  Underbutt?  Both?

What about the male romper?  Should it be left for the girls?

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