Richard Rojas charged with murder and injuring 22 others, after plowing car through Times Square

The man who plowed his car into pedestrians in Times Square, killing 1 and injuring 22, was high marijuana laced with PCP and told police he wanted to "kill them all."

26-year-old Richard Rojas from the Bronx was crazy, trying to run away from the police immediately after the crash.

Rojas told the police that he wanted to murder the innocent pedestrians, the cops, and then kill himself:

"You were supposed to shoot me. I wanted to kill them."

Rojas is a Navy Veteran and has a history of driving under the influence. The woman he killed was 18-year-old Alyssa Elsman, who was visiting the city from Michigan with her family.

She had been walking with her 13-year-old sister, who was also injured, when she was hit.

Today Rojas was charged with murder. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation after his arrest, and gave a number of excuses for his rampage. 

One of the excuses included that he "heard voices."

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