Family of Inglewood officer fighting to keep his killer behind bars

Veteran Inglewood Sgt. George Aguilar was gunned down while chasing several robbery suspects in March 1988.

Now the mastermind behind the crime and Aguilar's death is set to leave prison, and Aguilar's family is fighting hard to stop that from happening.

Aguilar's son, George Aguilar Jr., said:

"I never thought we'd be here trying to fight for him to stay in prison. What kind of justice system would release a cop killer?"

The criminal, Joevone Elster, was previously granted parole, but Gov. Jerry Brown reversed the decision.

He was supposed to be in prison for life, but now the Los Angeles Superior Court has overturned Brown's reversal, allowing the parole grant to be reinstated.

Jerry Brown, why can't you stop this?! George Aguilar Jr. joined us this afternoon to share what's going on:

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