Eighth grader in hot water after putting laxative pills in teacher's coffee

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A prank by a California eighth-grader may result in criminal charges after he put laxative pills in his teacher's coffee according to a report from the Fresno Bee. 

A teacher at Jack G. Desmond Middle School went to pout out her cold coffee when she noticed eight pills fall into the sink. The teacher reported the incident to the principal and police were called to the school the next day. 

Madera Police Sgt. says it appears the pills did not dissolve in the coffee. Witnesses say they saw a boy with pills. 

When police asked the boy about the incident, he confessed to putting the pills in her coffee. The 8th grade student has been suspended. 

Police say it's possible the boy violated a penal code for poisoning food or drink and the case has been turned over the juvenile probation for review. Their office will decide whether or not the case should be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for further prosecution. 

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