California lawmaker takes aim at 'Stealthing' in new bill

A new bill from Christina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) seeks to change the definition of rape to include the recent trend of 'Stealthing' that has popped up online and in the media recently. 

For those who don't know what that is, 'Stealthing' is defined as a couple agreeing to use a condom before having sex, but during sex, the man secretly removes it. The practice has been reported in both the gay and straight communities. 

"Stealthing" began gaining attention on the internet after the practice was described in an academic journal online. Some people began talking about it on a Reddit forum where several men advocated the practice. 

A study from Yale University indicates that the horrifying trend has become more common as some men reinforce their delusions through communities online that defend a male's "right" to "spread their seed." Some of these online communities give advice and support on how to have the nonconsensual sex without a condom with their partners. 

Garcia wants to change that. “Stealthing is rape,” said Garcia, who also chair’s the Legislative Women’s Caucus.  “Penetration without consent is rape.”

Current law defines rape as penetration by a body part of a foriegn object, without another person's consent. When, a condom is removed without permission, the consent is considered violated. Advocates say stealthing exposes victims to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. California law does not acknowledge the act, which makes AB 1033 necessary. 

“Stealthing is another sign that some men think they can still own our bodies,” Garcia added.  “I hope all the men out there blogging are paying attention because in California we’re going to lead the nation in ending the “trend” now.”

The California lawmaker isn't alone in wanting to redefine rape to include the practice. Politicians in Wisconsin have introduced a similar bill. 

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