Real-life pirates hold new Disney film for ransom

Walt Disney CEO, Bob Iger, is dealing with real-life pirate mischief as hackers threaten to release a Disney movie they have stolen. The hackers are demanding a whopping ransom but Iger refuses to give in.

It was later released that the film that is being held for a very handsome price is the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie that is set to hit theaters on May 26.

Although there have been recent claims that other Disney movies have been hacked like the upcoming Star Wars movie, that claim proved to be a rumor.

But this new hack appeared to be very true when Iger made comments about the situation.

According to Iger, the hackers are asking that the ransom be paid in Bitcoin and if they don’t receive the money, they would firstly ‘release five minutes of the film,’ and then continue to release bits and pieces.

Netflix faced a similar issue when the company refused to pay a ransom for the new season of "Orange is the New Black." When the company didn’t pay, the hackers posted up 10 episodes six weeks before the initial release date.

Disney is currently working with the FBI to resolve the situation.

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