New fashion trend? Women hit the clubs wearing nothing but tape

A bold new fashion trend has hit the clubs, wearing nothing but bits of black tape. Joel Alvarez, a designer from Miami, calls his "artistic venture" the Black Tape Project.

It's becoming so popular that Joel and his entourage of models have toured Las Vegas, New York, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Some women choose to still wear pants and decorate the upper half of their bodies with tape, while others go for the full body tape "suit."

The concept is explained on the Black Tape Project's Facebook page:

"Embodying the character of Miami’s nightlife culture, The Black Tape Project incorporates one of the most common household items, coalesced with Joel’s artistic flare and the natural beauty of the human body."

This just seems like a lot of work, to apply and to take off. If you're going to do this, you better make sure your body is totally smooth.

Otherwise you're going to be in pain when it comes time to rip that tape off.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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