Man stole security system to hide masturbation

(Tristan Torelle Tucker - West Virginia Regional Jail)

A West Virginia man has a bit of a mess on his hands after breaking into a relative's home. 

27-year-old Tristan Torelle Tucker broke through a window using a glass breaking tool on the end of a knife. He broke in to charge his phone, but as the battery charge went up, so did his level of arousal and he began to watch porn and masturbate.

Tucker didn't want his relative to see him pleasuring himself on camera, so he stole the security cameras and the DVR box in an effort to conceal his deeds. He told officers he took the cameras behind a store and stomped on the DVR and threw everything into the river so it couldn't be recovered.

He was charged with daytime burglary and is being held on $10,000 bond or 10% cash.

What a winner of a guy!

Read more at WCHSTV.

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