Five Guys beats In-N-Out as best burger in America

The 2017 Harris Poll asks consumers to rank brands in a variety of fields based on familiarity, quality and how likely they are to buy the company’s product.

For the past two years, In-N-Out has come in at number one in the burger restaurant category but this year they were beaten by Five Guys. 

In-N-Out is a cult favorite in California but they have expanded to more than 300 locations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and Oregon. 

On the other-hand, Five Guys started in Washington D.C. but has now expanded to 1,400 locations around the world. 

Therefore, this poll is purely a numbers game. More people have access to Five Guys so even when die- hard In-N-Out fans vote they can't compete. 

Shake Shack, which expanded into Southern California recently, finished third in the survey.

As a California-native my number one will always be In-N-Out. 

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