Trucks rented by City of L.A. are being used like personal vehicles

Employees with the City of Los Angeles can be some of the most lazy corrupt people, and they get paid so much money!

David Goldstein from CBS2 does a fantastic job investigating and outing the scumbags who take advantage of taxpayer money.

In his latest investigation, he caught a city of L.A. employee leaving a spa after getting a massage while on the job.

No one knows the worker is on duty with the L.A. Bureau of Street Services, because the truck he's in is unmarked.

The unmarked $50,000 2017 Ford pickup is rented by the city. Most city trucks are yellow with the city's seal on the side. But since Jan. 1, 2016, the city's spent $3.1 million to rent trucks to supplement its fleet.

A free car with no city markings? It's just asking for a low-life city worker to take advantage of it.

Goldstein busted Francisco Pena, an electrician with Street Services, who made $100,000 in 2016. He wasn't just driving the truck for work. He was seen at Costco and seen driving back and forth from downtown Los Angeles to his home in San Dimas.

He drove the truck for several weeks, and was even seen stopping by a day spa for a massage.

Kevin James, president of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, simply responded with:

“It’s impossible to watch everyone."

Then when Goldstein asked him why the city isn't monitoring and reporting the personal use of the vehicles, James said:

"I don't know."

The City of Los Angeles, people! What a bunch of ethical competent people we have running things!

Read more at CBS2.

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