Naked man pours bleach on himself at San Bernardino Stater Bros

A man walked into a San Bernardino State Bros. took his clothes off, poured bleach on himself and then ran around the store according to San Bernardino police. 

Police say they received a call around 9:40 pm on Monday night about a man "acting erractically" inside the store. Authorities say the man went to the housing supplies aisle and dumped about 2 gallons of bleach over his head and body. He then proceeded to take his clothes off and ran around the grocery store until a security guard managed to take him down by using a taser

Elizabeth Evans told ABC 7 that she hid in a back cooler while dialing 911 when the man was running around the store. 

"I seen everybody tackling one another, screaming, hands coming up, people filming, going crazy, and I didn't know it at the very moment," Evans said.

The guard and another man managed to restrain the man until officers arrived. He was later taken to a local hospital where his condition is unknown. No charges against the naked man have been filed.

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