Georgia ready for its first execution of the year

(J.W. Ledford Jr - Georgia Department Of Corrections)

It's time to roll out the Execution Desk, because Georgia's getting ready to serve up some justice. J.W. Ledford Jr. has been on death row for a long time, after being convicted of the 1992 robbery and murder of a doctor who lived near him.

Ledford was 20-years-old when he cut the throat of Harry Johnston, whose neck was cut so bad his head was nearly severed from his body.

A U.S. appeals court rejected Ledford's last minute appeal to postpone his execution by lethal injection and use a firing squad instead.

His lawyers claim the firing squad would be less painful than the "excruciating death" the lethal drug would cause him.

Georgia only uses one drug for executions, phenobarbital, which is used by states such as Texas in dozens of executions without major incidents.

If you're a murderer, you don't get the luxury of a peaceful death. You took another person's life. Once you do that you don't get any rights.

 Here's to a smooth execution.

Read more at Reuters.

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