Woman finds squid-like thing in her coconut water

A woman from New York took a gulp of her Vita Coco coconut water and discovered something disgusting. Barbara Kline said she found a gooey squid-like gunk floating around in the bottle, which made her violently ill:

"I swallowed a big clump. It was really nasty and it tasted really thick. I started vomiting. I was vomiting, I'd say a good couple days - a week - then I had diarrhea."

Now, she's trying to figure out what the heck it is. She thinks it could be some kind of animal.

Kline, who has asthma, said she's still having trouble breathing despite all of her medical tests coming back negative.

She said:

"I just want answers. I want answers. I want to know what it is."

Vita Coco asked Kline for the gross clump so they can test it. They think they have a pretty good idea of what it is:

"What Ms. Kline encountered was random spoilage and does not pose a health risk. What she claims she found is the result of either leaving the package opened and unrefrigerated; or her opening an already damaged beverage unit."

Kline added:

"I'm not after money. That wasn't my intention. I'm after closure. But being that the company isn't working with me, I am looking into suing them."

Next week Kline says she's going to meet with a lawyer and is considering a lawsuit. Either way, she says she's done with coconut water forever.

Read more at abc7.

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