Brown's budget includes $15 million to help illegals facing deportation

(Brown and crooked Kevin De León plotting devious things, Credit: Getty Images)

Governor Brown wants to set aside an extra $15 million in the state's budget to expand legal defense services for illegal aliens facing deportation.

Doing this would bump up California's financial help to illegals to $33 million. Of course, the L.A. Times writes:

"Immigrant rights groups and lawyers hailed the increased funding in Brown’s revised state budget, calling it a signal that the state is committed to protecting families from what could happen under President Trump."

And while the funds are enough to support existing services, there are the crazy people who think Brown isn't doing enough.

Ronald Coleman, government affairs director for the California Immigrant Policy Center, told the Times:

“We urge the Legislature to deepen its investment in programs. It is going to be key given that California can be ground zero for the devastation that we would face from Donald Trump’s deportation policies.”

There should no taxpayer money going toward defense for people living here illegally. If we're so strapped for cash like Brown says we are, how does this even make sense?

And Brown had the gall to call the people opposed to the gas tax hike "freeloaders?"

What a creep!

Continue reading at the L.A. Times.

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