6 iPhone tricks to make your life easier

Let's talk about your iPhone. It's that little pocket-sized miracle that keeps you up-to-date on world events, Tinder matches, and your Fantasy Football league. But did you know, the iPhone's default apps offer a lot more than just the basics? 

It's true. There's all sorts of hidden (or at least, not exactly easy to find) tricks that you can use to help make your life a whole lot easier (and perhaps, a bit more organized). 

Level Out

The Compass app really comes in handy in case you're lost in the woods somewhere, but, what if you're more of an indoor DIY type? Apple's got you covered there too. 

Simply open the compass app and then swipe left. You'll see a spirit level tool appear. Use it to keep your photos straight, that project lined up perfect, or, calculate how much the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually leaning (Wikipedia says it's 3.99 degrees, but now you know how to check their work next time you're in Italy).

Trackpad Trick

For our next trick, you'll need an iPhone with 3D touch technology (that's the iPhones 6 and above). 

The iPhone keyboard can be used as a trackpad. So, for all those irritating moments when you need to get the iPhone's cursor to the right place in your text to edit it properly, simply press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to access the 'trackpad'. 

You can also access this trick on your iPads. With iPads, the procedure is slightly different - simply drag down on the keyboard using two fingers to activate the iPad's trackpad mode. 

Use this to Calculate How Much Time You've Wasted

Turns out, you didn't need to restart your calculations every time you messed up using the iPhone's calculator. 

Simply swipe right or left at the top of the screen (where the digits are) to remove the last number you entered. That way, you can avoid the C and AC buttons every time you manage your fingers mistype a number. 

(Also, this isn't so much a tip as it is a reminder for people: Put your calculator into landscape mode for a whole host of new functions for your calculator). 

Keep Your Private Photos, Private!

Let's be honest. We've all received photos we want to keep... umm... private. There's always that split second of doubt when you hand over your phone to a friend or colleague and you have to wonder whether they'll see something they're not supposed to. 

Banish that social anxiety by using your iPhone's ability to hide photos from Moments, Collections and Years. Simply select the photo (or photos) you want to keep private in the Photos app and hit the 'share' button. Select 'Hide' along the bottom row of icons and that's it! Your private photos will remain private in case Grandma accidentally begins thumbing through all your photos. 

If you want to revisit the private photo, you'll be able to access it through 'Albums'. 


Getting your beauty sleep has never felt so difficult. If you're like a lot of people, you might be having a hard time forcing yourself to get to bed on time (There's always another article or episode to binge!). 

Getting a good night's sleep doesn't just keep you feeling good and energetic the next day, it's also been linked to lower incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other chronic health problems. 

If you need a prompt to get to bed on time, the 'Bedtime' option in the 'Clock' app is the solution you need. Open up the clock app on your iPhone and select 'Bedtime' on the bottom row. The app will ask you a series of questions like what time you want to wake up in the morning, what days you want it to go off, and when you'd like to get to bed every night. The iPhone will send you a gentle reminder fifteen minutes before you're supposed to go to bed every night, and wake you with a gentle alarm. 

Your 'Bedtime' is also linked to the 'Health' app that will help keep track of your sleeping habits. 

In Case of Emergency...

If you have a medical condition or want emergency responders to know your blood type and allergies in case of an emergency, you can create a 'Medical ID' that can be made available to medical professionals in the event you're unable to communicate anything about your medical history. 

Options for allergies, blood type, weight, height, and organ donation status can all be inputted into the app. Doctors or nurses can then access that information from your phone (even if it's locked) by hitting the 'Emergency' button. You can also add your emergency contact's information to the 'Medical ID' which will appear on the lock screen when someone taps the Emergency link. 

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