Mother's Day when You've Lost your Mom

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for mothers. However, some don’t view the day joyous but painful instead, especially those who have lost their mothers.


The loss and loneliness can deepen when one used to celebrate the day with their mother who is no longer there. Feelings such as guilt, sadness and loneliness can be almost overwhelming.


Mother’s Day gifts and flowers are in almost every store which only leaves a constant reminder of a mother lost.


One way to cope with those feelings is to step away from all technology on Mother’s Day so there aren’t constant reminders of what day it is. But other years it is permissible to feel those emotions. It’s almost like a rollercoaster effect. One year, perhaps it isn’t as hard to deal with the loss while the next year it almost seems impossible to leave the house.


Dealing with Mother’s Day after losing a mother can be difficult and there will always be a feeling of loss, but trying to find something positive to look at on that day will help with coping and lead to better happiness.


On the other hand, Mother’s Day can be hard for mothers who have just lost a child.


“Mother’s Day is just one more places where you feel like there’s this club of motherhood that you’re part of. It’s really hard,” said Carrie Goldman to the Huffington Post, who lost her child during birth.


Mothers who have lost their own children have a hard time acknowledging Mother’s Day positively and are ‘sensitive to other mothers who are grieving.’


Rachel Frey, who miscarried the day before Mother’s Day said, “The loss is always with us-pregnancy loss or other types of loss as well. Find ways to honor that grief.”

Mother’s Day can be a day of celebrating mothers but it can also be a day to remember those who are gone. 


See the full story on the Huffington Post.

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