Mothering Mothers on Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is a highly celebrated day where mothers around the world are recognized for their hard work and devotion to their family.


Mother’s Day is more important than one might presume. A mother continuously gives live, support and care all day, every day. But returning that ‘mothering’ love one day out of the year can help mothers reduce stress and be happier.


According to a study called the ‘Authentic Connections Program’ at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, mothers who were in one hour group sessions every week and received a ‘support network,’ improved both biologically and psychologically. Stress was also reduced in mothers who were a part of the support group.


The study showed that mothers need support just like how they show support and care for their own children. Mothers focus on the needs of their children which means that their own personal needs are pushed aside and forgotten.


Mother’s Day allows mothers to be reminded that their needs are recognized and they have the opportunity to be ‘mothered’ themselves.


Parenting can be a tough job, but when a mother is taken care of the same way she takes care if her own child and is accepted for who she is, then that extra support helps in many influential ways.


See the full story on Psychology Today.

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