The LAX Terminal Shuffle Begins Today

The LAX shuffle begins today as one of the largest airline terminal relocation in its history with 15 different airlines moving operations over the next week.

Because flying isn't already enough of a hassle, the whole thing is being done to make way for the new Delta Sky Way at LAX, the $1.9 billion plan to renovate Terminals 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The remodel is scheduled to happen over the next seven years. 

Most of the shuffle will happen during the overnight hours between Friday night and Wednesday, but, officials are warning passengers to check their tickets carefully and arrive early as many airlines will be located at different terminals. 

"It all comes down to our guests being informed and taking the  necessary actions to make sure they are in the right place at the right time to  catch their flights,'' Los Angeles World Airports CEO Deborah Flint said.

"During the relocation and in the weeks following, passengers are  advised to check in online, print or download boarding passes, and check  terminal and gate information before coming to LAX,'' Flint said. 

Delta will be moving operations from Terminal 5 and 6 between Saturday and Tuesday and will operate from as many as four different terminals - 2, 3, 5, and 6. 

Airlines and LAX employees are on hand to help travelers out to get where they're going during the move. Guides in brightly colored vests are available to help passengers find where they need to go to catch their flights. LAX's social media account has also been helping travelers find out where they need to go.

It's not just Delta that will be affected by the changes. More than 15 airlines are moving their terminal numbers for check-in counters, gates or both. Another seven airlines will be changing ticket booth locations within their existing terminals. Some have already been relocated.  

Ranjan Goswami, vice president for Delta said the airline's future looks bright with the new $1.9 billion project. 

``But first, we have to move into our new home. Delta has planned for  this move for nearly a year, and I'm confident that our team will make this as  smooth as possible for our customers. But we also need our customers to be  prepared if they are traveling during the relocation.''

If you're flying out of LAX over the next few days, here's a schedule of the changes to help keep you up to date: 

  • Air Canada, T2 to T6, Wednesday
  • Allegiant, T3 to T5, Saturday
  • American, T4/T6 to T4/T5, took effect Jan. 31
  • Avianca, T2 to Tom Bradley International Terminal, with T3 check-in  and passengers walking from T3 to TBIT, Monday
  • Boutique Air, T3 to T6, Saturday
  • Copa, TBIT (T6 check-in) to TBIT (T3 check-in), with passengers  walking from T3 to TBIT, took effect April 7
  • Delta, T5/T6 to T2/T3, Saturday
  • Frontier, T3 to T5, Saturday
  • Hainan, T2 to TBIT, took effect April 14
  • Hawaiian, T2 to T5, Wednesday
  • InterJet, T2 to TBIT (T3 check-in), with passengers walking from T3  to TBIT, Monday
  • JetBlue, T3 to T5, Wednesday
  • Qatar, T2 to TBIT, took effect May 1
  • Southwest (International), T2 (T1 check-in) to TBIT (T1 check-in),  with passengers bused from T1 to TBIT, Wednesday
  • Spirit, T3 to T5, Monday
  • Sun Country, T2 to T5, Saturday
  • Thomas Cook, T2 to TBIT, took effect May 1
  • Virgin America, T3 to T6, Saturday
  • Virgin Australia, TBIT (T3 check-in) to TBIT (T2 check-in), with  passengers bused from T2 to TBIT, Saturday
  • Volaris, T2 to TBIT (T2 check-in), with passengers bused from T2 to  TBIT, Saturday
  • XL France, T2 to T6, June 4.

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