Road Rage: Nutty Illinois woman runs over and nearly kills retired cycling cop

Jacqueline Wells Knox County Sheriff Department

A woman from Galesburg, Illinois is facing a slew of charges including attempted murder, driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and aggravated reckless driving, after she intentionally hit a cyclist.

Jacqueline Wells  ran him over and drove off, with the bike stuck dragging under her Jeep.

The man she almost killed is 61-year-old retired police officer Andrew E. Tolle. Wells began yelling at him and pulled up next to him, making obscene hand gestures.

Then she slowed down and rammed Tolle twice. The first time he was able to stay on his bike, but the second ramming knocked him down.

Wells ran over and drove away, with the bike still under the car.

Police found Tolle after getting a complaint of Wells driving with the bike stuck under her car. She was treated for minor injures and was then taken into police custody.

Tolle was transported to the hospital and is still receiving treatment. He fractured his pelvis and broke an arm and leg.

In Wells' court appearance on Wednesday, she repeatedly yelled at the Judge and called him names. Santa Claus was one name she spewed out.

The Judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation before her next court date.

Good call, she needs help. Keep her off the roads!

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