Records Show Andrew McCabe Didn't Disclose Wife's Clinton Ties

The new acting FBI director is already under fire as reports roll in that Andrew McCabe didn't reveal his wife's salary, the or her campaign contributions from a Hillary Clinton ally in 2015.

The records were gathered through a Freedom of Information Act request and show that McCabe left the box blank for most of his wife's--Dr. Jill McCabe, financial information.

There is also no record of the hundreds of thousands of dollars she received in donations to fund her failed 2015 Virginia state Senate race.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported Clinton supporter Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe encouraged Dr. McCabe to run for office after the private email server scandal broke out.

Her campaign filings show that she received $467,500 from the political action committee controlled by McAuliffe--Common Good VA, and an additional $292,500 from a second Democratic PAC.

When the story was first released, an FBI spokesperson gave Fox News a statement defending the way McCabe's disclosure forms were handled.

"The rules instructing filers how to complete the OGE 278e form are published by the independent Office of Government Ethics (OGE) in a document titled 'The Public Financial Disclosure Form (July 2016).' The form does not require that an employee spouse's salary be disclosed; only the employer name and type of income required. Nor does the form require or contain a line for campaign contributions, which are not considered income. Rules governing campaign donations are overseen by the Federal Election Commission.

Each form submitted by an FBI employee to the OGE is certified by FBI's chief ethics officer, who heads the Office of Integrity and Compliance. Mr. McCabe consulted with this office upon his wife's decision to run for political office."  

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