Microsoft real-world camera can itemize people and objects

Microsoft’s newest technological creation is a camera that can itemize not just objects but also people in real time. If someone loses an object, they could yank out their phone, search for that item and then it will tell you exactly where it is.

In the pitch for the product, Microsoft said that it would be incredibly useful in ‘hospitals and factory floors.’

If a worker needs to find a tool like a saw, they can search for it and then the location of the nearest saw will appear on their phone. People can also be notified of incidents like if spills have happened in the workplace.

Although this new product could prove helpful in some locations and situations, there is also privacy to consider.

In a matter of seconds, a person’s private lifestyle, like health issues, could easily be revealed with just a simple click on a phone. 

If this form of technology is used in public spaces like grocery stores or even someone's home, privacy is diminished even more.

Whether there will be certain and mandatory privacy regulations on the use of cameras is still in the works, but there is no question that the age of technology is continuously evolving at an astronomical speed.

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