Police in LA will be handing out gift cards for guns on Saturday

The LAPD and community leaders are hosting another 'Gift Cards for Guns' gun buyback program this Saturday. People turning in firearms can receive a gift card worth $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, while those who turn in assault weapons will be given a $200 gift card.

There's no limit to how many guns a person can surrender to police, but gift cards are limited and subject to availability. 

Over the years, hundreds of guns have been dropped off and destroyed at previous buyback events. People who are dropping off firearms can do so while remaining completely anonymous. 

LAPD Detective Ben Madoff told Andrew Mollenbeck that people can drop off the guns with no questions asked. But if there are other issues... "If you open up your trunk and there's a firearm to be collected and there's a dead body back there, then we will arrest you for the dead body..."

Launched in 2009, the Gun Buyback program is led by the GRYD Foundation partnering with the LAPD. The goal is to reduce gun violence in Los Angeles through taking guns off the streets that could be used as part of a crime. 

Allowing people to turn in guns anonymously encourages those who might not turn them in otherwise. Some people do not have a permit for the weapon, while others aren't the registered owner. The program is meant to encourage those law-abiding citizens who would otherwise not take part in the program organizers say. 

Gun buybacks will be held this Saturday from 8am to 1pm at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and Facey Medical Center. Organizers say those with questions can call 877-LAPD-247. 

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