Penn State pledges had to do 'elephant walk' while holding penises

18 Penn State students and a former fraternity at the school are facing charges in connection with the death of 19-year-old Beta Theta Pi pledge Timothy Piazza.

Piazza died after falling down the stairs at the frat house during a pledge ceremony. He was unconscious for 12 hours before he was finally taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

More details are coming out about the sick hazing that went on in the frat. One particularly gross one is called the "Elephant Walk."

This involves a group of men lining up, holding the penis of the person in front of or behind them, and then walking around.

Sometimes people will hold the erect penis of the person behind them, and then stick their thumb into the anus of the next person in front of them.

According to text message records, it's been confirmed that Beta Theta Pi President Brendan Young talked about the "Elephant Walk" with member Maddie Miller two months before Piazza's death:

Miller texted Young that he should "take it out on the pledges."

Young responded:

"Whip the d**k out?"

Miller said:

"If ever there was a time for an elephant walk it would be rn."

What a disgusting group of people.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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