Laguna Beach bans smoking in all outdoor areas

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Smokers and vapers will no longer be able to enjoy their vice in any outdoor area in Laguna Beach after the city council voted to expand its ban on smoking on Tuesday. Laguna Beach already had a smoking ban that covered beaches and parks, but the expanded ordinance will now cover any outdoor area located in the seaside resort town. 

The ban was expanded because residents expressed concern about secondhand smoke in various places such as sidewalks, parking lots and alleyways. A survey conducted by the city council last year showed strong support for a citywide smoking ban in all public places with 75% of survey respondents responding favorably to the idea. 

The only place left for people to smoke will be inside their homes and cars. The strictest anti-smoking measure in Orange County will go into effect after a second council reading in 30 days. If you're caught smoking in those public places, the first violation will cost you a $100 fine. The amount can go up to $500 for a third violation. 

At least 70 cities across California have adopted some kind of outdoor smoking ban ordinance. 

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