L.A. City Councilman Gil Cedillo wants to punish companies that work on the border wall

The L.A. City Council is very proud and open in its defiance and bashing of President Trump. Yesterday Councilman Gil Cedillo said he plans to put forward a motion that would require companies seeking contracts with the city to publicly disclose if they're also submitting bids to work on the border wall.

His measure would impose strict penalties and fines on any company that fails to disclose the information. What kind of bullying is that?! He's saying that if you don't go along with our "values," we'll make it hard for you to do business in this city.

A statement from Cedillo's office reads:

"Nearly two out of three Angelenos are either immigrants or the children of immigrants who are a vital part of the city’s economic engine. Immigrants contribute billions of dollars in income and make up a significant percentage of both the workforce and business community. City residents deserve to know how public funding is spent, and whether or not they are supporting individuals or entities who are involved in the construction of a border wall that will significantly impact them and bring harm to their families and communities.”

Cedillo says he plans on introducing the motion at Friday's L.A. City Council meeting, and will talk about it tomorrow with a "coalition of immigration rights, community and labor leaders."

Knowing the L.A. City Council, they'll probably go along with this one.

Read more at Los Angeles Daily News.

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