Inmate in Honduras tries to escape dressed as woman

A murderer in Honduras tried to break out of jail dressed as a woman, but guards busted him when they noticed he was "walking funny" and was "speaking in a man's voice."

Francisco Herrera Argueta, 55, had on a long skirt, a blonde wig, and fake breasts as he tried to escape the maximum security jail during family visiting hours.

He pretended to be female visitor Jacinta Elvira Araujo, who left her identity card with security guards as she entered the prison.

When Argueta went to pick up the card to exit the jail, he forgot to change his voice, and that's when the jig was up.

A spokesman said:

"The make-up couldn't hide the fact that he was a man."

Agueta is a gang leader known as Don Chico, and has been in the jail since September 2015. He was charged with murder and firearms offenses.

He'll be punished for his escape attempt and will be moved to El Pozo jail, which is known as Honduras' most dangerous prison.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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