Home Health Companies Sued for Wage Theft

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office sued two home health care businesses Wednesday, alleging the companies stole thousands – if not millions – of dollars by paying more than 100 employees less than  minimum wage over the last four years.

City Attorney Mike Feuer said many of the wage theft victims were Filipino immigrants who were likely afraid to report their working conditions to authorities.

“The defendants in this case routinely took advantage of the vulnerability of these workers, these caregivers,” Feuer said.

“We allege that the defendants advised other agencies not to hire caregivers who dared to speak up, who were troublemakers,” Feuer told reporters.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop the wage theft, as well as restitution for current and former employees, and financial penalties.

The employees often worked 24-hour shifts inside the homes of elderly and disabled patients and were sometimes paid $5.50 an hour.

Feuer appealed for any other victims of wage theft to call his office at (213) 978-1868.

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