DEA Lays Out Crazy Places Your Kids Can Hide Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Administration's new website,, says that your kids may be hiding drugs in some pretty crazy places.

The website lists 10 common hiding places that your children may be utilizing to store their drugs.  The list includes: alarm clocks, graphing calculators, highlighters, shoes, candy containers and wrappers, posters, vents, teddy bears, vehicles, and game consoles.

According to the website, alarm clocks "can be used to hide illicit drugs; specifically small baggies in the battery compartment alongside the batteries."

The DEA's warning about graphic calculators gave people on Twitter some great ammunition.

Furthermore, did you (yes, you...the person with the child) know that you should be afraid of your child's teddy bear?  Well, you should be.

According to the DEA, "the inside seams of the stuffed animal can be used to hide small amounts of drugs."

Now, are all of these things legitimate possible hiding places for drugs?  Certainly.

However, does that mean you should go rifling through all of your child's stuff?

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