San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep might get kicked off the bench for misconduct

A lawyer for California's judicial discipline agency said that San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep should be removed from the bench for committing numerous acts of misconduct and for his "lack of candor."

Kreep's lawyer acknowledged some of his conduct was "inappropriate" when he first became a judge, and that a lesser penalty is warranted to keep Kreep on the bench.

Kreeo is accused of commenting on the physical attractiveness of women lawyers who appeared in his court, using nicknames like "Bun Head" and "Dimples," and speaking Spanish to Hispanics in the courtroom instead of speaking English.

All judicial proceedings are supposed to be in English.

Kreep faced 32 separate allegations of misconduct, most of which happened during his 2012 campaign and the first year he was on the bench.

Before becoming a Judge, Kreep worked on a number of conservative legal causes including the "birther"fight against former President Obama.

Removing a judge from the bench is rare, as only 11 judges have been removed since 1995.

Read more about creepy Kreep at the San Diego Union Tribune.

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