No Olympic Gold for Los Angeles if this group gets their way

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A group whose goal is to stop LA's 2024 Olympic bid has formed as committee inspectors arrive in Los Angeles to evaluate the city's bit. 

One of the organizers of 'NOlympics LA' Steve Ducey, says the energy expanded on the games could be better used elsewhere. 

"We're currently in the middle of an affordability and housing crisis and that is directly tied to our homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. And we really feel that bringing the Olympics games to Los Angeles is going to make that problem even worse."

Ducey says they wanted to announce their opposition to the Olympics coming to LA before the inspectors arrive today. 

Cities have become much more wary of welcoming the Olympics to its region after several other host cities were faced with corruption scandals, ballooning budgets, and what critics see as wasteful spending. Five cities were initially bidding for the games, but a strong anti-Olympics campaign in Hamburg Germany derailed that city's bid. Rome's bid was withdrawn after a new Mayor was elected on an anti-Games platform. Budapest's bid was quickly yanked after opponents threatened a referendum. Paris and Los Angeles are competing for the 2024 games, though it's possible the IOC will award the 2028 games as well to one of the two cities remaining. 

IOC inspectors will be in Los Angeles through Sunday, after which they are scheduled to fly to Paris - LA's rival in attracting the 2024 games. 

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