Laguna Beach considers stricter smoking ban

Laguna Beach might be expanding their smoking ban. The ban is already in place at beaches and public parks but this new legislation could expand it to the sidewalk, bike path and alleyways. 

Laguna Beach received an "F" grade from the American Lung Association because it does not have strict smoking bans.

The law that the city council is voting on would include e-cigarettes, smoke vaporizers and marijuana products. Smoking would still be permitted in cars and private residences. 

Some city council-members are concerned that the stricter smoking rules would affect the tourism in Laguna. Numerous international tourists visit the city every year and some council-members are worried they will expect to be able to smoke in public. 

However, people who are in favor of the bill have pointed out that beach cities like Hermosa and Santa Monica have been able to enforce strict smoking laws. 

If the ordinance is passed then 'No Smoking' signs would be posted in the affected areas and the fines would range from $100 to $500 depending on the number of offenses. 

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