Southern California beaches get bacteria warnings after rain

Los Angeles authorities are warning swimmers and surfers to stay out of the ocean thanks to the runoff from all that rain and snow we received over the last two days. 

The rain advisory was issued on Monday after a late-season storm brought downpours, hail and snow to the region. 

Thanks to all that water running through city streets and drainage ditches, bacteria levels can significantly increase during and after rainstorms thanks to all the contaminants it picks up while draining toward the ocean via storm drains, creeks and rivers. 

San Diego county took the brunt of the unusually wet, chilly weather as more than two inches of rain fell in some areas with nearly 10" of snow reported on peaks in the Cleveland National Forest. The Padres were also rained out for the first time since 2015. 

Los Angeles county broke some records of its own after .39 inches of rain fell at Long Beach airport on Sunday.

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