Please Help "Project Gidget!"

My sister-in-law told me about a wonderful young lady named Olivia who used a tragic situation to start something wonderful.

Olivia had a little dog named Gidget, whom she rescued. 

In a situation that no pet owner even wants to think about, Gidget was tragically killed by coyotes in 2014.

Even in her sorrow, Olivia wanted to find a way to help other dogs like Gidget, many of whom spend months or years in shelters waiting for someone to adopt them.

In my personal experience, shelters, even good ones, are generally sad places, (if you're like me you want to take them ALL home) and Olivia wants to try to make any dog's stay there a little happier.  

So, she started an organization called Project Gidget, where she works to collect blankets, towels, linens, t-shirts, dog beds, and toys.

The items don't have to be new, just gently used!

Olivia takes those donations to local shelters to distribute to the animals there.  

You would not believe what just a bed, a blanket or a squeaky toy of their own does to lift the spirits of these animals.

If you want to help Olivia, she is hosting a fundraiser on September 9 at Splash & Dash Groomerie in La Verne.  CLICK HERE for more information on that event!

But if you can't make it, just send them a message at or message them on Facebook to find out how you can help. 

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