Cuteness Overload - Goat Yoga Comes to Los Angeles

Because Los Angeles doesn't have enough of a weirdo reputation, apparently there's such a thing as 'Goat-Yoga' now. At least that was the scene at Monty's Montessori Academy in Calimesa on Saturday. 

The Goat Yoga (and no, it's not the greatest yoga of all time, but rather, real live goats who are hanging out while you do yoga) came about after Christina Gilfillan saw a cat yoga class she once took at an animal rescue in Los Angeles. 

Her sister, herself a yoga teacher, loved the idea of hosting a Babygoat yoga session and decided to begin hosting sessions of their own. Once they put together the classes and found some goats who can come along, it didn't take long for their classes to sell out. 

The Press Enterprise says Christina and her sister were able to sell out all three sessions of their Saturday May 6th Babygoat Yoga event, attracting around 200 people of all ages to Monty's Montessori Academy in Calimesa. 

During the Babygoat yoga class, the capricious caprines can be found hopping around on yoga students' backs and sides as they position themselves into different poses - from downward dog to... uh... some other type of yoga move (all we know about yoga here at KFI is the downward dog). 

Babygoat yoga isn't exactly a new fad. The craze began catching fire last year with events in Oregon and New Hampshire. Other locations across the country, like Arizona Goat Yoga have begun cashing in on the phenomenon by offering regular classes of their own. 

If you missed out on the Babygoat yoga this past weekend, fear not. The Gilfillans have scheduled more classes for May 20th. 

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