The Fork Reporter Joins GaS to Talk Tequila!

The Fork Reporter joins the Gary and Shannon Show to take a deep dive into the world of tequila.

He will break down the differences between the different varieties of tequila: silver, reposado, anejo, and mezcal.

Just to make sure GaS understand it all, they will do a taste test and break them all down.

Oh!  Do you need help making margaritas?  Do your's just lack that special something?

It is okay.  We have the answer, and it is the Fork Reporter's very own margarita recipe.

2 Limes cut in 1/2

Make 1 lime wedge for garnish

1 1/2 Tablespoons of sugar

3 second pour favorite tequila (3oz)

4 second pour Cointreau (4oz)

Shake over ice in shaker 

Serve over ice.  

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