Fidget Spinners have whirled into a major craze

Fidget spinners are the newest craze and selling out everywhere. If you're hearing the two words ‘fidget spinner’ for the first time, they are tiny gadgets with a center and prongs around it that spin around.

Although the objects have been around already for a few years, the spinners started gaining extreme popularity back in April.

People are using them at work and even students bring them to school. Teachers, however, aren’t exactly supportive of having fidget spinners in the classroom.

“The only thing my students seem to focus on…is the spinner, itself, and not their work. It’s like a friggin’ siren song,” said a teacher in a blog post.

Along with being a fun little toy to mess with when bored, the objects are also marketed as something that can help people with ADHD and anxiety.

The inventor of the fidget spinner, Catherine Hettinger, said that one of the reasons in the spike in interest is due to the various videos published out there showing tricks using the objects.

“Pokemon Go is dying and fidget spinners are the new cool thing,” said Will Hamilton, a third grader from Washington D.C.

However, some people aren’t enthralled with the fidget spinners.

Mark Rapport, a clinical psychologist from the University of Central Florida, said, “Using a spinner-like gadget is more likely to serve as a distraction than a benefit for individuals with ADHD.”

Hettinger said that fidget spinners were developed to originally prevent kids from getting into trouble.

Although there is little research to support the claims that fidget spinners can be used for health issues, the gadgets are still being used everywhere by people of all ages. 

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