Oppose SCA 6, the latest push to make tax hikes easier

We just got screwed by the gas and car tax increase, and now one loser of a state senator is trying to make it easier for even more tax hikes to get passed.

Right now in California we have Proposition 13, which requires a 2/3 vote to approve special taxes. But Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has put forward Senate Constitutional Amendment 6 (SCA 6), which would lower the threshold to 55%.

No more taxes! This is not what our state leaders should be focusing their efforts on, they're robbing us!

Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, has an important message so pay attention:

ACTION NEEDED: Senate Constitutional Amendment 6 (SCA 6) by State Senator Scott Wiener D—San Francisco seeks to erode Proposition 13’s two-thirds vote protections by lowering the threshold to approve special taxes, including sales and parcel taxes, to 55 percent in order to fund transportation projects.

WHEN TO TAKE ACTION: Quickly! Senate Constitutional Amendment 6 is currently awaiting a hearing in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. That hearing will occur this Tuesday at 1:30 in Room 4203 in the State Capitol.

WHY: Even though Governor Brown just signed a bill permanently increasing gas taxes by 19 cents/gallon, diesel taxes by 20 cents/gallon and car taxes by an average of $50 per vehicle, the politicians are determined to squeeze every last cent from taxpayers for transportation. SCA 6 will make it easier to increase regressive sales taxes (California is first in the nation) and parcel taxes. Increasing parcel taxes could make it more difficult to own property in California. Currently, 35 percent of the population cannot afford a median priced home in California, and numerous municipalities are already struggling under the weight of double-digit sales taxes. 

ACTION REQUEST: Contact the author of SCA 6, State Senator Scott Wiener. Please inform him that you oppose SCA 6 and why. Please call even if you don’t live in his district. As a new legislator, he needs to know how important Proposition 13 is to all Californians. His phone number is 916-651-4011.

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