Meet the real-life Darthvader who lives in Tennessee

Meet Darthvader Williamson. 

He is a 39-year-old surgical assistant from Eads, Tennessee. 

In honor of May the 4th he talked to ABC News about the origin of his name and his life with a unique name.

His mother and father were stationed on Fort Hood when his father insisted that his son be named after his favorite movie. 

“His dad and I were stationed at Fort Hood,” Knowles told ABC News. “His dad went into the store and came back with a little baseball card of the Lord Darth Vader character and had it on the dashboard. He said, ‘If I’m not here when he’s born -- because I’m on orders to go to Germany -- I want you to name my son this."

According to his mother, Darthvader wanted to change his name but when some girls told them he liked it he decided to keep it.

“I like to fly under the radar,” Williamson told ABC News. “I’ve always kept a low profile. I’ve never been like, ‘Hey look, my name’s Darthvader.'"

He was born on January 14, 1978, just a few months after the first 'Star Wars' film in 1977. Darthvader said that his unique name has led to some interesting situations throughout his life. 

“There’s been state troopers that have stopped me and asked to take a picture with me,” Williamson said. “And when ‘Rogue One’ came out, people were asking if I could go with them to see it so they could say they went to ‘Star Wars’ with the real Darth Vader. I’m like, ‘No thank you.’”

Ironically, Darthvader is not a 'Star Wars' fan. The last one he saw was ‘Return of the Jedi' in 1983. 

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