Dana Point to Ban Smoking

A plan to ban smoking in Dana Point public areas is moving full steam ahead.

City Council members agreed to pursue a citywide smoking ban and are asking the city attorney to look at the risks and benefits of smoking and vaping in public areas.

Mayor Debra Lewis says this is a matter of quality of life.

“I receive complaints quite often about people smoking on sidewalks and in alleyways where people gather. People have complained about that smoke drifting into their homes.”

Lewis says she spoke to Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman and other Manhattan Beach officials where a smoking ban is already in place.

She says that the enforcement there is going well and 80 percent of the residents wanted the ban in Laguna Beach.

Capistrano Beach resident Carol Wilson said in a council produced survey she would support a city wide ban.

“At city parks, like Pines Park, people go and smoke every day...by the time you call the police, the person will be gone. Hopefully, the city takes this on. It’s a public health issue and I hope you do your due diligence.”

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