Vet Goes The Extra Mile For His Worried Patient

Attention single ladies in Colorado!!!!!

Meet Dr. Ross Henderson.   He's a vet in Lakewood, Colorado at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital.  

He clearly loves his job and loves his job, as every good vet should, but Dr. Henderson sometimes feels the need to go the extra mile for his patients.
Recently, Ruby the golden retriever was VERY anxious about her upcoming spaying.

In a video that has been posted on the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital's Facebook page, Dr. Henderson decided to do something about Ruby's anxiety, so he got his guitar, got down on the floor with Ruby and sang to her.

Check it out.  

In their Facebook post, the hospital said:

"Sometimes your patient needs you to go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable when they're here for the day to have surgery.  Dr. Ross has mastered the technique and sweet Ruby was so thankful for that."

And it's not the first time he's done this.....

The post has gone viral and Dr. Henderson is getting a ton of love on social media, with most women wondering...if he's single and offering marriage proposals.

Let's just say this...whoever snags this guy will be one lucky lady!  

And by the way ladies, he has a brother, who also works with him at the facility....I wonder if he sings just as well.  Let's hope!

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