The Originalist

Over the weekend, Handel went to see a play at the Pasadena Playhouse called 'The Originalist' and he said it was "absolutely brilliant", saying Edward Gero's portrayal of Antonin Scalia was just about the most amazing thing he's ever seen.

Here's the description of the play:

"When a bright, liberal law school graduate embarks on a nerve-wracking clerkship with Justice Antonin Scalia, she discovers him to be both an infuriating sparring partner and an unexpected mentor. 

The Originalist looks into the complexities of one of the most polarizing Supreme Court Justices of all times. This powerful work portrays the passionate people risking heart and soul to defend their interpretation of the truth, and the constitution."

Bill invited Edward on the show to talk about the play and his personal experience of spending months with the Supreme Court judge in preparation to play this part. Listen to it below! 

The show runs at the Pasadena Playhouse until May 7, so if you'd like to catch it, CLICK HERE for tickets! 

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