FBI employee traveled to Syria and married ISIS operative

Daniela Greene was the FBI translator who traveled to Syria in 2014 and married Denis Cuspert, an ISIS operative and pitchman.

Greene was part of an investigation on Denis Cuspert, or “Individual A,” when she filled out a Report of Foreign Travel form to go abroad in June 2014. 

Denis Cupert started out as a German rapper called ‘Deso Dogg,’ but then became an ISIS operative under the name ‘Abu Talha al-Almani.’ In 2012, he left Germany and went to Syria. 

Greene was already married when she lied to the FBI and her husband, stating that she was visiting family in Germany. However, she flew to straight to Turkey and made her way past the Syrian border. Court records show Greene then married Cuspert.

Americans getting through the Syrian border is not a simple and easy task.

“So for her to be able to get in as an American, as a woman, as an FBI employee, and to be able to take up residence with a known ISIS leader, that all had to be coordinated,” said John Kirby, a former State Department official and CNN commentator on national security matters.

But not long after her marriage to Cuspert, Greene began sending emails to an ‘unidentified person’ in regards to her regrettable decision.

In one email, she wrote, “I am gone and I can’t come back. I wouldn’t even know how to make it through, if I tried to come back. I am in a very harsh environment and I don’t know how long I will last here, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all a little too late…”

Soon after the email correspondences, Greene was able to make her way back to the United States where she was immediately arrested and sentenced to spend two years in federal prison.

Back in October 2015, the Pentagon stated that Cuspert was killed in an ‘air strike’ attack. However, some months later in August 2016, the Pentagon took back that claim and said Cuspert had survived.

A day after that statement, Greene was released from prison.

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