Rolex and cash thief busted a year later by the man she ripped off

A woman accused of ripping off an expensive watch and thousands of dollars in cash from a man she met a club finally got arrested when the man confronted her nearly a year later.

21-year-old Yomna Fouad, who goes by the street name Shakeyra Wilson, was arguing with a man over property she had allegedly stolen from him when the cops were called.

(Yomna Fouad - Miami-Dade Corrections)

It was revealed that Fouad had a warrant out for her arrest for grand theft auto, and she had been using fake credit cards and fake identification cards.

Police also found that Fouad and another woman were wanted for stealing a Rolex and thousands of dollars on cash from another guy at a club last May.

In that theft, the man met the two women at Cluv LIV and invited them up to his room after the club closed for the night.

Once inside the room he locked up his $46,000 watch and $8,000 in cash in the room's safe. Then he went to get his overnight bag out of his car.

When he got back the women had taken off with all of his valuables. Police were able to use surveillance footage and fingerprints left on the safe to match the Fouad and the second woman.

Fouad, who is from South Carolina, has been charged with grand theft auto and use of fraudulent identification. 

She's being held without bond. Keep your fancy stuff at home, don't take it to the club, and don't trust anyone.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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