Will Trump Release the JFK Files?

Under the deadline set by a 1992 law, Trump has six months left to decide whether he will block the release of an estimated 3,600 files related to the assassination of John F Kennedy. 

Most of the JFK documents come from the FBI and CIA, and releasing files may help solve the mystery of his death.

 Trump has long been a promoter of conspiracy theories varying from Obama's birthplace to one of his campaign-trail rival's father being involved with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The White House acknowledged there's a decision to make, but they haven't given away what his position on the issue is.

A White House official says the Trump administration is familiar with the requirements of the 1992 law and that White House is working with National Archives to enable a smooth process in anticipation of the October deadline.

Some documents contain missing files from a CIA operative that followed Oswald to Mexico a week before JFK's death.

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