Thousands of people have turned up for a May Day march in downtown Los Angeles

Demonstrators have gathered at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles for a May Day rally in opposition to a crackdown by President Trump on immigration. 

Organizers say they expect thousands to join them in a march downtown to City Hall after more than 100 groups representing several different causes united together for a march this year. 

Protesters were seen carrying signs reading "Black Worker Justice," "Resist" and "No human being is illegal," during their march to City Hall. 

Labor groups have long used May Day as a day of protest historically, but in recent years, immigration advocates have adopted its message of fair treatment for workers. 

Similar rallies are expected all across California, including San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Rosa. The rallies, road shutdowns and business closures are expected on May Day. 

Immigrant advocates hope the large crowds will prompt Trump and other congressional leaders to rethink their efforts to expand deportations. 

The demonstrations in downtown LA have remained peaceful, however, four activists in Oakland have been arrested after they chained themselves together to block the entrance to the county administration building in downtown Oakland. 

Police are threatening more arrests at the Alameda County Administration building as 100 protesters demand an end to what they call 'collaboration' between county law enforcement and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. 

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