Fabio: "California is a Mess"

AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57. The unholy trinity. We tell you all the time how bad they are for California, and things are only going to get worse. 

The string of burglaries happening in California can be directly linked to Jerry Brown's policies. Policies that essentially give criminals a slap on the wrist for crimes that should be considered violent, but are not under California law.

It's so twisted.

Actor and romance book-cover model Fabio Lanzoni, who you probably just know as Fabio, is speaking up about California's increase in crime.

In Los Angeles, he joins the long list of celebrities whose homes were recently robbed.

Burglars took about $200K worth of his stuff, and he's not happy about it at all. He understands why California is a mess, why can't the rest of the state figure it out?

Fabio will joined us today, check it out!

(New book cover?)

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