California's population grew to 39.5M residents in 2016

Photo Credit: Getty Images

If it feels like you've got a little less elbow room this year, you're not imagining things. California's population rose by another 300,000 residents to 39.5 million in 2016. 

The report released by the Department of Finance shows that the state had its largest increases in populations in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

LA saw its population grow by 40,000 new residents with more than 4 million people now calling the city home. San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco also saw significant increases among its population. 

However, the state capitol was the bigger winner in new residents as Sacramento grew by the largest percentage of the ten biggest California cities. 

Some cities saw their populations decline, but those were concentrated in areas that saw large loss of group living situations like prisons, college dorms and military barracks. 

Population wasn't the only thing that was growing in 2016. Housing starts were also strong through the year as California added nearly 90,000 new units to the state. 

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