San Diego State Settles With Former Student Accused of Assault

San Diego State University will settle a lawsuit by a foreign exchange student who said he was wrongly suspended and accused of sexual assault.

The University will pay $10,000 to Francisco Sousa according to the San Diego Union-Tribune who reported the settlement on Friday. 

The news of Sousa's arrest in December of 2014 spread quickly. The 20-year-old foreign exchange student said that even his hometown of Porto, Portugal heard about his arrest.

The charges were later dropped, however, the school did not lift his suspension until eight months had passed. 

Sousa never returned to San Diego State. He said he sued the University to help clear his name. Terms of the settlement include the provisions that his arrest will be changed to a detention, and the school will provide additional training to employees who investigate sexual assault cases. 

“No amount of money can compensate for what I went through,” he told the Union-Tribune. “My main objective was to vindicate my name.”

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